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Honestly you’ve been a god send! Obviously you know I’ve had trainers before and last year I had one for about 9 months and my friend said to me today that I’ve made more progress with you in these 4 weeks than I did in the entire 9 months with the other trainer!!


Things are going so well for me right now in the way I choose to do things! Like today I was really stressed and overwhelmed so I lay on my bed and listened to a headspace meditation! I even drink that much water naturally now that my skin feels amazing! And all that is thanks to you honestly you’re amazing!

Holly Simmons

This has been life-changing for me. Silvia has provided me with a holistic approach to living a healthier and happier life.

The skills I've learned around nutrition, exercise & mindset will benefit me for life. The transformation has increased my confidence and I feel so much better mentally and physically

Wendy Pearce

I always thought that my previous trainer had done a pretty good job… until I began working with Silvia. The level of professionalism, the hyper-tailored program, the education and, most importantly, the results are in an entirely different league. She has raised the bar very high - which is exactly what I want for myself and in a trainer

Robyn Chang

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